Corporate Finance & Compliance

MVC's corporate finance and compliance team is grounded in sound financial practices, bolstered by an unwavering commitment to adhering to best practices related to compliance.

Mr. Byrne joined in November 2013 as a Compliance Consultant and in early 2015 became the Chief Compliance Officer  of MVC Capital and TTGA, responsible for overseeing both compliance programs. Since 1998, Mr. Byrne has been a Member of Fisher Capital Corp. LLC.
Mr. Mullins is the Controller of TTGA. His responsibilities include overseeing the financial operations of MVC Capital and its wholly owned subsidiary MVC Financial Services, Inc. Mr. Mullins has over ten years of experience in public and private accounting. Previously, Mr.
Mr. Schuenke currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Adviser, in addition to his service as Chief Financial Officer of the Fund. Mr. Schuenke also serves as the CFO of PPC Enterprises, LLC, a registered investment adviser. He previously served as the Chief Compliance Officer to the