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Net Asset Value (NAV)

MVC Capital is a Business Development Company. The Company seeks to maximize total return from capital appreciation and income by making investments across a broad range of industries through a variety of financial instruments, including senior and subordinated loans, venture capital, mezzanine and preferred instruments and private equity investments.

Date Net Assets1 NAV Per Share2
7/31/17 $301,774,214 $13.38
4/30/17 $280,913,700 $12.45
1/31/17 $280,890,084 $12.45
10/31/16 $279,557,778 $12.39
7/31/16 $278,540,891 $12.27
4/30/16 $285,141,386 $12.56
1/31/16 $282,159,918 $12.43
10/31/15 $294,075,587 $12.95
7/31/15 $299,187,467 $13.18
4/30/15 $316,213,363 $13.93
1/31/15 $331,093,019 $14.58
10/31/14 $343,902,958 $15.15
7/31/14 $357,584,140 $15.75
4/30/14 $356,924,553 $15.89
1/31/14 $374,717,419 $16.57
10/31/13 $376,085,593 $16.63
7/31/13 $374,819,814 $16.57
4/30/13 $371,735,677 $15.84
1/31/13 $373,513,847 $15.62
10/31/12 $386,016,133 $16.14
7/31/12 $392,801,139 $16.42
4/30/12 $406,092,991 $16.98
1/31/12*** $407,578,354 $17.04
***NAV was published monthly through January 31, 2012. At its January 31, 2012 meeting, the Fund's Board of Directors determined that, after January 31, 2012, the Fund's net asset value will be made publicly available on a quarterly, rather than on a monthly basis.
**The NAV shown takes into account the cost basis of the Fund's holding of the Vitality European operations. The Valuation Committee has not yet made a fair value determination as to such holding. This determination will be made as part of the Committee's regular first quarter-end review of the portfolio (which determination would be effective as of January 31, 2010). The NAV shown also reflects a valuation estimate of the escrow account held in connection with the Vitality transaction which amounts to 79% of the proceeds held in that account. The Valuation Committee has not yet made a fair value determination as to the valuation of this escrow account, and expects to do so also in connection with its regular first quarter-end review of the portfolio. If no value were attributed to this escrow account, the Fund's NAV per share as of 12/31/09 would be $17.54.
1 Financial data presented above is unaudited.
*NAV as of 4/30/09 includes standard monthly income and expense accruals as well as valuation adjustments to certain portfolio companies made by the Valuation Committee (effective as of such date), in accordance with the Company's valuation procedures and FAS 157.
The Net Assets and NAV Per Share posted on July 1, 2008 were updated on July 3, 2008 to reflect distributions declared by certain portfolio companies.
2NAV reflects restated NAVs for fiscal 2013 and the first three quarters of fiscal 2014.


For the history of the Fund's NAV please download the following:

NAV History (PDF)

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