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Dividend Reinvestment Plan (drip)

In July 2005 the Fund's Board of Directors approved the Fund's establishment of a policy seeking to pay quarterly dividends to shareholders. The Fund's dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP Plan) is for its registered shareholders. Under the DRIP Plan, each registered shareholder's pro rata share of the dividend is automatically reinvested in additional shares of the Fund unless the shareholder provides specific instructions to receive the dividend in cash. ComputerShare Trust Company, N. A. serves as the Fund's DRIP Plan Agent and can be reached at 800-426-5523.

If you hold your shares through a broker and wish to participate in the Fund's dividend reinvestment plan, please contact your broker and request to have your shares registered in your name.

Registered shareholders who wish to enroll or change their status in the DRIP Plan can do so by visiting www.computershare.com/gateway.

If you prefer to submit your request via hard copy you may do so by filling out this
Enrollment Status Form (PDF).

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